The 50 commandments

1. Feminism is the fight for equality

2. There is still no gender equality anywhere on earth

3. Gender roles are a social construct

4. There are no toys for boys and toys for girls

5. There are no clothes for boys and clothes for girls

6. Acting “like a girl” is not shameful or offensive

7. Women have the right to be angry

8. Men have the right to cry

9. Women aren’t destined to be mothers

10. Men aren’t destined to make money

11. Women’s value doesn’t depend on their looks

12. Men’s value doesn’t depend on the size of their penis or wallet

13. Men are just as complicated as women

14. Women want sex as much as men do

15. Men want affection as much as women do

16. Women’s value doesn’t go down when they have sex

17. Men’s value doesn’t go up when they have sex

18. Women don’t owe anyone sex

19. Men don’t owe anyone to want sex all the time

20. Sex is the pleasure, not the penetration

21. Sex without consent is rape

22. Consent is an enthusiastic “YES!”

23. Anything but a “YES!” is a “NO”

24. “YES” is not “yes to everything”

25. Consent can be revoked at any moment

26. Rapists are next-door men

27. Rapists are friends, acquaintances, colleagues, members of the family, lovers, husbands

28. It’s never the victim’s fault

29. It’s always the rapist’s fault

30. The rapist can be your friend and a “Good Guy™”

31. No woman wants to admit she was raped

32. No woman wants to believe she was raped

33. There is no such thing as provocative clothing

34. Our body is not shameful

35. If you watch revenge porn, you are an accomplice

36. Virginity is a fake concept

37. If you are against abortions, you are not pro-life

38. The right to an abortion saves lives

39. Sexism is the bias and discrimination against women

40. There is no reverse sexism

41. Misogyny is extreme sexism, aiming to have power over and control women

42. There is internalized misogyny

43. There are no crimes of passion and honor

44. The murder of women because they are women, is called femicide

45. A femicide is a homicide with misogyny as a motive

46. There is no battle beween the sexes

47. Men and women both grew up with the same dark fairytale

48. Men are also harmed by patriarchy

49. Patriarchy is a human construct

50. Every human construct can be demolished.


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